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Yellow Box Honey is one of the most popular honey varietals in Australia. It has a beautiful light amber colour, aromatic, with a mild distinctive flavour that is smooth and buttery on the tongue. Fairly sweet, it is dense and slow to crystallise.  Yellow Box Honey is extremely popular with honey lovers not just in Australia but world wide.

As a floral honey, Yellow Box Honey has a lower GI than other honeys (and certainly sugar) and this makes it a better alternative for diabetics and anyone having problems with blood sugar levels.

For those looking for another honey that has a low GI, try AB’s Ironbark Honey.

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Yellow Box Honey

Yellow Box Honey comes from the Yellow Box Eucalyptus which has creamy pale yellow blossoms and a yellow inner bark. The Latin name, Eucalyptus Melliodora is apt; Melliodora is translated as “odor of honey” referring to the sweet honey aroma of the blossoms. The Yellow Box is a common species in the grassy woodlands of the tablelands and western slopes of the Great Dividing Range, extending from northern Victoria, through New South Wales into south-eastern Queensland. This species is usually 15–30 m tall and mainly grows on gentle slopes, foothills or on flats near watercourses. It blossoms from October through January.

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