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AB’s Honey Orange Blossom Honey is a honey with a difference yet still completely natural.  It is an aromatic honey with a unique hint of citrus that rests on the palate.  AB’s raw Orange Blossom Honey is harvested by bees in Spring from orange groves in The Riverina region of Australia.

This honey, is one of the purest honeys as is the result of the prodigious nectar production of citrus trees allowing bees to harvest from the flowers of this single plant species, creating pure raw honey from citrus tree blooms only.

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Orange Blossom Honey

This honey is available from Simply Honey in either a 500 or 700g bottle.

Enjoy This Tangy Citrus Honey…

Pancakes with Orange Blossom Honey is a great way to start the day, especially when accompanied with a cup of tea containing a dollop of the honey. For a refreshing healthy lunch, why not drizzle some of this citrus honey over fresh fruit salad. Or, you could enjoy this delicious honey later in the day as a dip with seasonal fruits and berries accompanied with a glass of a delicious sweet white wine from the Riverina in NSW, Australia’s premier sweet winemaking region and source of this delicious quality citrus honey.

AB’s produces only quality honey with no additives or preservatives, simply honey produced as nature intended.

Where to Buy Orange Blossom Honey…

AB’s distinctive Orange Blossom Honey is available for sale from this online honey shop. You can also buy this honey at Jan Powers Farmers markets and enjoy the blended flavours of sweet honey and the distinctive sharp tangy taste of citrus.

This truly unique honey is for sale in either a 500g or a 700g bottle.


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