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This Ironbark Honey is from the blossoms of the uniquely Australian Ironbark trees found in open forests of Eastern Australia.

It is a very popular Light Amber Honey being a favourite with all ages due to its mild but distinctive sweet smooth taste which rests gently on the palate.  In particular, Ironbark Honey is always a winner with kids due to the sweet taste and has a strong following from adults with a sweet tooth.

Ironbark Honey is very versatile and adds a slightly toffee flavour to your morning tea, drizzled over natural Greek yoghurt for breakfast or over vanilla ice-cream or pancakes (or both!) for dessert in the evening.  Ironbark Honey is also popular in baking, in making marinades and salad dressings.

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Ironbark Honey is another quality distinctive true Australian natural honey from AB’s Honey, beekeepers and packers of quality honey. The Ironbark Trees which the bees collect the nectar from are part of the Australian eucalypt family and usually flower between September and November.

Straight from the beehives and with minimal processing AB’s Ironbark Honey contains the wholesome goodness provided by nature and with the superior taste and texture that AB’s Honey is renowned for.

This delicious range of gourmet honey is only available for sale from this online honey shop or from various market stalls throughout Brisbane including the Brisbane City Market (Brisbane Square in George Street) every Wednesday, excluding public holidays and the month of January) and on the first Sunday of every month at the Jan Powers Farmers Markets Mitchelton (Blackwood Street).

FYI As a mono floral honey Ironbark Honey has a lower GI than most of the other AB’s honeys and much lower than supermarket honey as the fructose is absorbed more slowly into the blood stream making it more suitable for diabetics and those with blood glucose control problems.

The other AB’s Honey that has a particularly low GI is Yellow Box Honey, so if you are looking for a delicious natural honey with a low GI, why not try AB’s Yellow Box Honey as well?

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