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A jar of AB’s Honey and Cinnamon contains a special blend of AB’s Raw Ironbark Honey, AB’s Active Manuka Honey and Sri Lankan cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), natures best cinnamon.  Totally natural with a delicately spiced scent and the underlying Manuka flavour this blend of natural honey with cinnamon is treasured by true honey lovers seeking only the highest quality pure and natural Australian honey.

Totally delicious on fresh bread or warm toast, in coffee and tea, drizzled over natural yoghurt or ice-cream and for adding for an extra tang add when baking banana bread, raisin bread, apple bread or cinnamon bread itself.

When choosing glass jars as your packaging preference, our team will carefully seal your honey jar lids and package accordingly before they leave our warehouse. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent leakages caused during transit time and as such, we cannot replace or provide refund for these items. We appreciate your understanding.

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Honey And Cinnamon

Composition of AB’s Honey with Cinnamon

The spice infused in the AB’s Honey & Cinnamon is true cinnamon, Sri Lankan cinnamon rather than the common inferior and less expensive Cassia cinnamon.  Sri Lankan cinnamon is the premium spice and has been used for centuries for its medicinal qualities as well as its unique delicate sweet flavour and spicy aroma.

AB’s Manuka Honey, which is part of the cinnamon and raw honey mix is the highest quality and strongest (900+ methylglyoxal) Australian Manuka Honey.  This raw pure Manuka Honey is free from all pesticides and chemicals and is sourced from Australian Leptospermum trees.

The last ingredient to this gourmet blend of cinnamon & honey is AB’s Natural Ironbark Honey, a pure natural honey with a sweet smooth taste sourced from the open forests of Eastern Australia.

When you buy cinnamon honey from Simply Honey you are buying the best quality natural and real Australian Honey which is produced by AB’s Honey in Queensland.

Different Cinnamon Honey Brands and Products

Please note if you are comparing the price and ingredients of different manufacturers cinnamon honey (or any type of honey) there are several things to look for.

Type of Cinnamon used in Cinnamon Honey

Firstly, does the honey contain the true cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Cinnamomum verum) or the cheaper inferior Cassia cinnamon.  Cassia cinnamon is very commonly used but is inferior due to the fact that it contains a much, much higher concentration of coumarin which has strong blood-thinning properties and is dangerous to consume in large amounts.  Sri Lankan cinnamon is also more delicate and sweet and far more suited for flavouring honey, cakes and pastries.  Sri Lankan cinnamon commands a much higher price than the common Cassia cinnamon, thus products flavoured with Sri Lankan cinnamon will be more expensive.

Processed or Pure and Natural Honey

Secondly you should check if the honey itself is pure and natural or if it has been processed at a high temperature which destroys all the natural properties of raw honey.  The main reason for pasturing honey is purely for aesthetics and profits as it keeps the honey in a liquid form, preventing the natural process of crystallisation.  True honey lovers will tell you that there is a huge difference in flavour and texture between pure raw honey and mass manufactured honey.

Use of Cheap Honey Cinnamon Substitutes

Finally check the ingredients for cheaper sugars such as corn syrup which significantly reduce the cost of the product, but it is no longer true honey being a far inferior product without the natural goodness and delicious flavour of raw pure honey.  Check too to see if the product has been watered down to create greater volume but a substandard low-quality product.

You may be interested in this article on the SBS website entitled “Could the sweet stuff you’re slathering on your toast be a phoney?”

Additional Information

You can buy cinnamon in honey created by AB’s Honey in a 375g jar and it will be delivered right to your front door.  We endeavour to dispatch deliveries within Australia and overseas within two working days after receipt of payment.

Please note due to legislation in New Zealand and Western Australia we are unable to deliver AB’s Honey and Cinnamon (or any other honey products) to these areas.

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