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Creamed honey (also known as Whipped honey, Spun Honey and Crystallised Honey) is one of the finest hive products available.  It has a mild flavour, spreads like butter and unlike liquid honey, doesn’t drip.  Pure Creamed honey is similar to but not quite the same as crystallised or granulated honey. Creamed honey tends to have more delicate and consistent texture than crystallised or granulated honey.

Our creamed honey possesses a creamy texture because the crystallisation process has been precisely controlled and the varieties of honey used in the creaming process have been carefully selected.

The best creamed honeys (like AB’s) have small crystals, the smaller the crystals the better making the creamed honey smooth, with the texture of velvet on your tongue.

AB’s Australian creamed honey is very different to the creamed honey you will find on the supermarket shelf. 

With AB’s pure creamed honey you are buying pure honey creamed in small batches using a traditional method. The traditional creaming process involves carefully maintaining the natural raw honey at a low temperature and using paddles to gently stir the mixture.  A low temperature is essential to slow the crystallisation process and also prevent any damage to the honey.

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Creamed Honey

Where to Buy Creamed Honey

Buy AB’s Creamed Honey online in a 225gm or 425gm jar and it will be delivered right to your door.  This gourmet product is available at only this online store or at Farmers Markets in Brisbane.

Pure Creamed Honey and Crystallised Honey

Almost all raw and natural honey will crystallise over time.  If you find a jar of honey at the back of your pantry that is a solid chunk, it is perfectly natural and has simply been through the process of crystallisation.  To return the honey to the liquid form all you need to do is gently warm the honey and the heat will melt away the crystals.

Creamed honey is similar to crystallised honey in that it has been made into a honey with a creamy texture comprised of small crystals.

AB’s Honey from Simply Honey

Most honey available at your local supermarket has been pasteurised and processed.  The reason for this is to extend the period of time for which the honey remains in a clear liquid form (which is probably what the consumer expects to see).  Pasteurisation unfortunately destroys the honey’s nuance flavours and removes some of the enzymes and antioxidants present in raw honey.  All the honey for sale at our Simply Honey website is produced by AB’s Honey who pride themselves on producing the highest quality pure, natural, raw honey in Australia.

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