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Creamed honey (also known as Whipped honey or Spun Honey) is one of the premium hive products available online at Simply Honey.

With its mild flavour, delicate and consistent texture, it is like pure velvet on the tongue. Spreading just like butter, it is unlike liquid honey as its consistency prevents it from dripping.

The best creamed honeys (like AB’s) have small crystals. the smaller the crystals the better, making the creamed honey smooth as silk.

At AB’s Honey, our creamed honey possesses a beautiful creamy texture that you need to taste to believe. This is due to the crystallisation process being precisely controlled as well as the careful selection of the variety of honey used in the process.

AB’s Honey’s Australian creamed honey is very different to the creamed honey you will find on the supermarket shelf. 

At Simply Honey, we also sell Creamed Honey with Ginger, a beautifully unique creamed honey blend with added spice.

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Creamed Honey

Where to Buy Creamed Honey

Buy AB’s Creamed Honey online in a 225gm or 425gm jar and it will be delivered right to your door.  We recommend in warmer months to store your creamed honey in the fridge. Creamed honey is suitable for vegetarians and is completely dairy free.

AB’s Honey offers two types of creamed honey; our traditional creamed honey or our very special creamed honey with ginger. The added spice makes it a wonderful ingredient to add to salad dressings or marinades.

How is Creamed Honey made?

With AB’s pure creamed honey, you are buying 100% pure Australian honey creamed in small batches using a traditional method. The traditional creaming process involves carefully maintaining the natural raw honey at a low temperature and using paddles to gently stir the mixture.  A low temperature is essential to slow the crystallisation process and prevent any damage to the honey.

Creamed Honey from Simply Honey

All the creamed honey for sale at our online store Simply Honey is produced by AB’s Honey who pride themselves on producing the highest quality creamed honey in Australia.


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