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Simply Honey exclusively sells delicious 100% local Australian honey and local bee products prepared by AB’s Honey (Australian Beekeeper’s Honey). A.B’s Honey are suppliers and exporters of 100% Real raw Australian honey gathered by bees, right here in Australia.

AB’s Honey has been producing some of Australia’s best quality real, natural, pure 100% Australian honey and bee products available to the public for over three decades.

We are a long-standing family business located near Brisbane, Queensland. Our goal since we commenced operation is to produce the best quality 100% Australian local honey that is pure, raw and healthy, just as nature intended.

Honeycomb and spoon
honey in a pot with spoon
Wherever you sit on the honey taste spectrum, we have a honey for you with our stable of at least seven carefully selected natural table honeys. Whether you enjoy the smooth, buttery sweetness of Yellow Box from the Glen Innes region or crave the strong floral richness of Tasmanian Leatherwood or something in between, or are after raw honeycomb,  beeswax, bee pollen or our 100% Australian Manuka Honey, we have you covered. We always ensure local raw honey from the Brisbane region is available for those seeking to build tolerance to local pollens.
AB’s honey comes from hundreds of different species of native Australian trees. Although most of our honey hails from Queensland and NSW forests and plantations, we also source honey from all Australian states and territories. The bees collect nectar and pollen from native flora in the Australian bush and forests and this is what gives the distinctive aroma and flavour of AB’s natural pure honey.
Because we understand genuine quality is important to our customers, we ensure the honey you receive is undamaged by the processing which many larger retailers require. The table and Manuka honey you receive from us is kept at temperatures no higher than a hot Summer’s day. This ensures all of Nature’s goodness is preserved. Additionally, we will not filter your table or Manuka honey. Fine filtration can strip beneficial components from the honey greatly reducing the nutritional benefits of the honey.
Our philosophy is simply…
our purpose is to connect people and businesses with the honey they love.
Enjoy Australian honey at its best.
A gift from nature, a natural and tasty treat to be enjoyed and shared.
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